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In 1997 while training in a gym called LA GYM in Peckham south east London I discovered that I had a natural gift of training people but before that I had actually been made aware of this beautiful sport of ours by a cousin of mine who was an amateur boxer at one of England's most well renowned amateur boxing clubs, THE LYNN ABC in 'Wells way' in south east London. At the time I was a budding footballer and anyone who knew me would have bet that my future lied in football, but the honest truth was that I was good at football but I never loved it or had the PASSION, DRIVE, DETERMINATION or DESIRE to carve a successful career in it. I played games for Millwall, West Ham and Aldershot but It is apparent to me all these years later that I had still not found the thing I was born to do.
Shortly after that I decided to accompany my cousin to the LYNN boxing club and it was there where my love for boxing materialised. I was what some people call "Bitten by the boxing Bug" I trained so hard, even back then, as a amateur fighter. An ethic which I've taken into training my fighters with today, it just made sense to me that if this was the hardest game on the planet it was only reasonable to assume that I should train my hardest.

In the area I lived everyone who knew me as a footballer suddenly heard I was a boxer and being a boxer was then and still is today a big thing even though I hadn't achieved anything in terms of success, trophies, competition medals or anything. I loved the way people responded to me as being a fighter. I felt like the Mike Tyson of South East London but after 5 fights as a amateur one of my friends introduced me to a young lad called Junior McDonald who was a kick boxer at the time and said he wanted to take up boxing and in my spare time I would train him at the gym I mentioned earlier called LA GYM. We loved it so much every spare moment we had we would be upstairs in that little corner of the gym practising.
After winning the national novice championship and reaching the semi-final of the Senior ABA championship Junior after one session said to me he wanted to turn professional and he would only do so if I would be his trainer and it was because of Junior McDonald that I actually became a trainer. I'd personally like to take this time and space to thank Junior because I would never have thought back then that taking out a license with the British Boxing Board of Control would transpire into what we have today in the BRAND STAMINA FOR SALE UK.
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For now I would like to wish all our supporters the best and all the success in the world.


Tunde Ajayi